This article started out to be a new product report on one of the latest slingshots on the market. As I began testing a couple of slingshots, I realized that it would take a couple of years if I just wrote about one slingshot in each issue of the magazine. I then began shooting a few more slingshots and before long I realized that I was having far too much fun. So this article has become one about how much fun it is to shoot the latest slingshots.

I started out with Barnett's Cobra and Trumark's FXS-FO. I now have added Marksman's Laserhawk Adjustable, Marksman's Laserhawk Stealth, and Saunders Double Eagle. I had the Double Eagle and Laserhawk Adjustable for 2 or 3 years but had not shot them very much. The FXS-FO I had bought last summer, but had not even taken it out of the package. I just received the Cobra and Laserhawk Stealth this month. Each slingshot has special features or differences that make them unique and of course fun to shoot.

Cobra.jpg (5568 bytes)Barnett's Cobra is an excellent designed and manufactured slingshot featuring removable extra long wristbrace and built-in front stabilizer. It has contoured grips and is powered by magnum power bands. The pouch is heavy leather with holes for alignment and better gripping. The removable wristbrace is attached in a unique manner that makes it easy to remove but is fastened securely while shooting. Shooting instinctively I was able to hit on target in 3 to 5 shots. By aiming I was also accurate within a few shots. With the magnum power bands, the Cobra would make an excellent hunting slingshot. While I really enjoyed shooting the Cobra I am looking forward to using it to play "Kill the Can". Barnett also has the Sidewinder and Viper slingshots along with a complete line of crossbows. Further information can be found on Barnett's

shooting trumark fsx-fo.jpg (4777 bytes)Trumark's FXS-FO is a fantastic slingshot. It has FIBER-OPTIC SIGHTS with ROTATING PRONGS. The unique fiber-optic sensors capture and concentrate light rays, which make the red and green sights glow for shaper aiming and shooting accuracy. The powerband-saver rotating prongs extend powerband life by pivoting 180 degrees around the slingshot fork. The FXS-FO has a light aluminum frame, rivetless one-piece ABS plastic handle, storage chamber, matched-pull latex powerbands, large split leather pouch, and folds to compact size. This slingshot is designed to shoot with the handle held parallel to the ground. I found that by following the shooting directions provided on Trumark's website that I was able to shoot extremely accurate. When I carefully lined up the slights and bands on the target not only ssFOs.jpg (3709 bytes)could I consistently hit a 10 centimeter target at 10 meters distance, I found myself hitting the exact spot that I was aiming at on the 10 centimeter target. I am looking forward to shooting their new model, FSX-2000, with stabilizer and will report on it in the next issue of Slingshot the Magazine. Further information about Trumark's slingshots can be found on their They have a short history of their slingshots that I think you will find quite interesting.

marksman003.jpg (7905 bytes)Marksman's 3060L LASERHAWK Adjustable Slingshot has a remarkable and unique design that allows you to adjust both the length of the wrist support and the length of the yoke. Changing the length of the yoke increases or decreases the draw length and puts the LASERHAWK Adjustable in the categories of traditional length slingshots and extended fork slingshots. It is powered by Laserhawk tapered bands with heavy black leather pouch. The wrist support holds 1/4" and 3/8" steelshot. Again I was able to shoot quite accurately with the slingshot after 3 or 5 shots with it. I use a 45-degree cant with this slingshot and sight on the top part of the yoke.

Slealth.jpg (3308 bytes)Marksman's 3070 LASERHAWK STEALTH SLINGSHOT is said to be the most radically innovative and versatile slingshot on the market today. With it's pulley system, extended prong, adjustable band system, and LASERHAWK TAPERED BANDS it certainly fits this category. The sculpted wraparound thumb and finger rests add to the stability and accuracy of the STEALTH. The LASERHAWK STEALTH is designed to shoot while holding the handle parallel to the ground. I found that I could also shoot it at a 45-degree cant with excellent accuracy. The LASERHAWK STEALTH draws easy and shoots hard. For more information about MARKSMAN'S slingshots check out my or order a catalog from Marksman Products, Division of S/R Industries, Inc., 5882 Argosy Drive, Huntington Beach, CA 92649. Marksman will have a website later on this year

Double Eagle.jpg (4599 bytes)The SAUNDERS DOUBLE EAGLE WRIST-ROCKET is also a slingshot of unique design. The prongs have an attachment that allows hooking two bands to each side for a total of four tournament matched power bands. The slingshot is equipped with Saunders self-centering ammo pouch, the wear-reducing power band prongs, and guidance collar. Again using my shooting style, I was able to hit accurately in 3 or 5 shots with the DOUBLE EAGLE WRIST-ROCKET. It is a hard shooting slingshot and would make a good hunting slingshot. Over the years I have enjoyed shooting SAUNDERS slingshots with the Falcon 2 and Falcon 300 being a couple of my favorites that I still shoot. Further information check out Saunders

As you can see it is impossible for me to do an impartial report on slingshots and how they shoot because I find them all fun to shoot. Since they are all fun to shoot and very accurate, I suggest that you try them all!

To see how some of these slingshots function, check out the Slingshot Videos on the main page of

I'm looking forward to the next issue where I will be shooting and reporting on Crosman's Powerstorm, Trumark's FSX-2000, Trumark's FS-1 XFO, Trumark's S9FO, and hopefully Beeman's Crow Magnum.