Slingshots Unlimited was formed in 1973. The first issue of the company's catalog, "The Catapult", was the only complete slingshot supplier with 16 models offered. This was more slingshots than were carried by any other mail order or sporting goods store. By 1975 Slingshots Unlimited featured 48 different models from 28 slingshot companies and inventors.

By the early 80's it was obvious that Slingshots Unlimited was taking too much of my shooting time and making no profit to speak of for all the effort. Without placing any more ads it took only a couple of months for the business to stop. I did continue to supply friends, relatives, and panerai replica watches participants at the Summer Nationals Slingshot Tournament for a few more years.

It is my wish to revive Slingshots Unlimited at this time, but in a little different mode. Instead of me buying, selling, and mailing slingshots and related items I will be a source of information for those interested in finding and purchasing slingshots and related "stuff". Slingshots Unlimited will provide all available information for all slingshot companies. This will include large companies such as Beeman, Barnett, Crosman, Marksman, Saunders Archery, and Trumark and any small companies, inventors, craftsmen, etc. I will be listing information for other items such as boomerangs, throwing knives, and who knows what else.

Anyone who has a slingshot or slingshots that they are producing and selling may be included in Slingshots Unlimited. Just send me the information about your products and I will put it on my web page. Any color or black and white photos that you have of your products can be included with the other information. I also would be interested in testing your slingshot and writing a new product article about it.

Slingshots Unlimited, the only complete slingshot supplier.

Featuring the handcrafted slingshots of Blue Skeen, Ivan Glenn, and Lou Becker. 



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